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Welcome to Healthy Options!   My name is Patricia Holtcamp. This website is an accumulation of over 30 years in the fitness and wellness field. I am certified with the American Council on Exercise as a fitness instructor and an Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist. I also hold a state license as a Massage Therapist. These professions has enabled me to share a variety of options to challenge and encourage you. I created this website to be a platform for services and education that may play a pivotal roll in the challenge to make improvements in your activities of daily living and overall well-being.

Some of the services mentioned may be familiar, while others, not so and may be classified as alternative therapies. Needless to say, none are to take the place of a medical professional, but are provided as a complimentary adjunct. Many of the healthy options are right in our community. There are many aspects of this platform, all seeking to help improve the quality of lives. Explore and Enjoy!

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Patricia Holtcamp

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